About The Artist

An Artist uncovers her true form


Natalie Page is a wife, mother, writer and mixed media artist with a love for the creative process! Through many of life’s major experiences and struggles, it has brought her transformation and personal healing. Prior to motherhood she and her husband traveled to Taiwan and Guatemala to teach English. Natalie thrives in creating magical stories, color, and meaning in her work with books and journals. She believes stories and myths create a safe environment for processing our inner and outer worlds, and in turn weave us together into the strand of time. She is especially passionate about sharing these techniques and tools with youth. A few years ago, she became ill with fibromyalgia. She now facilitates a monthly support group for those with the condition, encouraging creativity and personal story as part of the healing journey. She is currently laying the groundwork for a career as an art therapist.


My name is Natalie Page and I am in love with the creating process!  It has transformed my life in so many ways and at so many different stages in my life.  The most recent form (besides birthing a child and becoming a mother) has been through art.  If I was too fast forward my life into the future when I was graduating from high school 18 years ago I never ever dreamed I would be hearing myself say I am an artist.  But I must say these days as it slips out of my mouth and into words, I feel the best sense of self I have ever felt when telling people what I do…you know that question you always want to have a really good answer to; “What do you do?”  Well I finally feel like I have a good enough answer because of how it makes me feel inside when I share just what it is that I do in this big wide world. Finally I am proud to say I make art without feeling like I have to defend what I do or justify or rationalize what I do. In-fact making Art is that thing that I have been seeking that uses all those natural traits of mine that just seemed like differences rather than originality when compared to others.  Finally I am doing what brings me pure joy! I have been learning how to  put all the guilt that is pushed upon us with responsibilities and obligations by words such as would, could, should and decided to invest in myself and the value of my time to do what it is that makes me feel happy! After all I am the only one responsible for my happiness.   I am so excited to be able to share the creative process with all of you!

How did this shift happen?  I would love to say it was always a dream I followed and now it has turned into reality.  I can’t because it was never anything I remotely saw myself doing or ever dreamed of doing.  But I can say it is now my dream and is becoming more and more my reality every day.   I did stumble onto it by pure accident…literally an accident is what landed me in such dire straits of health that there was only one way to go but back up and art is what was my bucket pulling me up and up and up out of the well and constantly replenishing me with its nourishment as I went.





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