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There Are No Mistakes in Art or Life!

Urgent Love

There are no mistakes in art and I don’t think it is a coincidence that the words Heart and Earth both have the word art in them.  Art is an Amazing tool that we are all gifted with.  To have the ability to create is indeed a gift.  If you can allow yourself let go of the outcome and  art will become a vehicle that will  take all of us to places beyond ourselves and to complete exploration with the creation process.  Any “mistake” can become a chance for learning and transformation with what you are making.  By pushing our boundaries and comfort zones we are able to explore new frontiers and then become familiar with the unknown.  It was not until we sent astronauts into space that we were able to look back at the planet earth and get a new perspective of ourselves and the bigger picture.  This is exactly what art can do for us if we let it.  Art as Therapy or recreation is a way for you to be able to unlock and explore unchartered territories or treasures chests that have been locked up with keys hidden away for years.  By getting lost in the moment and creating your mind starts to process and log away experiences and emotions you have never been able to express before.  Suddenly the layers of your life begin to peel away illusions and filters that you have been viewing life through and you get moments and glimpses of clarity or the Big Picture effect.  These new perspectives are what you could not grasp before because you had never explored the unknown territory until these few moments of playing with creation and allowing yourself to fully and completely express without any rules.  It is all the would’s, could’s and should’s in life and society that keep you from fully exploring who you really are.  Art is a healthy way for exploring and expressing, let yourself go wild, there are no mistakes. Break your own rules and boundaries that you view life by and see what you find hidden deep within yourself, I dare you!

Artist Dates

What is an artist date you may be asking?  For anyone who has read Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way

I am sure this very thought creates a quick spark of recognition, for anyone who has not read the Artist Way I highly recommend it and I will tell you what it is.  It is a time that you set aside for just you, yourself and you once a week!  What do you do? Well you treat yourself to anything really.  Just something that is going to help invoke inspiration.  Whether is going to an antique shop and allowing your senses to take in all the sights.  Treating yourself to Tea, dessert or dinner it can be a wide range of affordability.  Taking yourself for a walk and watching the sunset.  Going on a picnic……whatever it may be that is going to awaken your spirit from slumber and allow it to come out and play with you.  These are the gifts and treasures of our hearts that begin to inspire our minds to think creatively about our everyday life and situations.  It is those moments that you give yourself time to play and take a break from reality that the rest of you is able to become rejuvenated and half full again.

Last night I had a chance to treat myself and artist self to a moment of connection with other artists by immersing myself into an art gallery opening at The Jansen Art Center  Listening to music from a piano bar while talking amongst strangers about art work and what techniques they must have used all while looking with pure wonder for how they created their piece of work.  This short 2 hr adventure was just enough to get me excited to get right back into my studio and start trying some new techniques out.  The Spark of imagination was fueled again and is spreading like wild fire while my learning curve is also spiking just from the experience of people sharing their own work and creativity with the world!  Thanks to all Artists who share with the world!

Art Journaling as a Mini Adventure


Art Journaling is a wonderful tool to use when you need a moment to express.  You can paint, write, collage and anything else you can possible think of.  There are no rules to this type of journaling it is very free form and in the moment.  It invites you to fully explore and express yourself in whatever way you are drawn to.  No right or wrong   just pure let loose, get out of control and make sense out of your inner world at the same time.  It really is a brilliant way to catch your breath, reflect and discover or should I say uncover more information about yourself and your situations.  It is a way to process and catalog your life.  You are creating a mini story each time that allows your brain to let go of feelings and situations because it was able to have a physical tangible way to make sense out daily experiences.  In fact it is a lot like the dreaming process.  A way for your mind to transcend it’s physical boundaries.  All with -out ever knowing that you’re doing it because you are so busy existing in that moment of creating it is not until your done that you realize you went somewhere else in your mind at the same time.  Grab any old journal or book and start painting! 



Trusting the Process


leap of faith brush strokes

Stages 1-4

If there is one thing that Art has taught me in the last year (even though there are many things) I would have to say it is to trust the process.  By trusting the process I mean a leap of faith….. letting go of the outcome, just follow that gut or instinctual feeling.  Let go of rules, how to, and just explore.  You do not have to know what it is suppose to look like it will unfold before your eyes like magic…but only if you let it.  The kind of art I do is called mixed media because it is a little bit of everything and it is all about building up layers.  This for me has been very symbolic with life and the layers we build as protection and the layers we then shed and tear away for healing and grieving, a never ending but always evolving process of growth.  There are no mistakes or accidents no right or wrong choices just things that challenge me to uncover a new technique or idea to run with. For these reasons alone I have fallen in love with creating visual art.  It has been like leaving on a big adventure without having to leave my own home and it is a bit cheaper than a plane ticket too! Here are a few photos I have taken of the first few stages of this 4 ft by 4 ft canvas that my loving friends surprised me with on my birthday.  So here I go, trusting the process and waiting to see what it will turn into.


The Process


First Café Experience

I am tickled to share that my Art will be up and hanging from Nov- Jan. at The Koi Café located in Bellingham, Washington.

Last march when I got my very first art studio outside of the home it was the beginning of stabilizing my health and on-going co-existence with Fibromyalgia.  Little did I know I would be uncovering a part of myself that was hiding dormant and just waiting to be un-locked and explored?  Now 9 months later I can truly say I have birthed a piece of myself that I never expected.  9 Months ago I never dreamed of having my art work up and hanging at a café for others to see and experience.  Thanks to all who have held my hand, supported and encouraged me along the way!